What’s the difference between Chiropody and Podiatry?

Basically, Podiatric Medicine (Podiatry) is a Graduate Profession. As the University degree training encompasses Minor Surgery, Lower Limb Biomechanics, Anaesthesia and Injection techniques, it is a broader and deeper training than routine foot-care (often called ‘Chiropody’ in the UK).  home_banner21.jpg

However, Podiatry and Chiropody are offered by Peter, with good practical reasons: sometimes, before the application of orthotic insoles, it is necessary to remove Hyperkeratoses (“corns” or “callouses”). In this instance, Peter can painlessly remove the Lesions by Scalpel, on both feet in one session.

On other occasions, Patients may require nail care; either for the treatment of an ingrown nail (with or without infection or inflammation), discoloured nail analysis or assistance with their own foot-care questions and/or maintenance regime.

As with all of our practice services, if you have any questions prior to booking an appointment, you are welcome to email Peter. Click to Contact Us.

(Treatments available in Cheshire and Warwickshire)

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