It’s amazing that we check the balancing and tracking on our cars regularly, whilst we never have our own posture, walking habits or foot health assessed!

This should be important to us, as conservative estimates indicate that we each walk an average of 5000 steps each day… or enough to take us five times around the globe in a lifetime!

Pete the Feet


Peter enjoys the practical application of biomechanical treatment, by using specialist shoe insoles (prescription orthoses) where indicated to help ‘balance’ your skeleton and body when standing, walking or running. He also carries out manual therapies, injection techniques and hands-on treatments to alleviate foot pain. As a Podiatrist, he is qualified to use local anaesthetics and perform minor surgery.

Peter is one of a small number of UK Podiatrists who has qualified for Membership of the Podiatric Faculty, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

For general enquiries or to book an appointment, please call: (01244) 37 37 57. 

If you have more specific questions prior to booking, you are welcome to leave a message directly for Peter on info@inmotionclinics.com

Peter Colhoun BSc(pod) MFPM RCPSG





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